Priority One V3 (p1v3)
Priority One V3 (p1v3)
The team at National Healthcare Ed believes that when vendor employees are competent and well informed on the intricacies of working in healthcare facilities, hospital staff can focus on performing their jobs without interruptions. Patient...
Priority One Evaluation (p1v3-clone)
Priority One Evaluation (p1v3-clone)
We've developed this course so Healthcare Administrators can quickly view the course, Priority One, to determine its value as a requirement for their vendors. There is no certificate earned for completing this course, and no tests are scored....
Priority One V3 Spanish (p1v3-spanish)
Priority One V3 Spanish (p1v3-spanish)
El equipo de National Healthcare Ed cree que cuando los empleados de los proveedores son competentes y están bien informados sobre las complejidades de trabajar en centros de salud, el personal del hospital puede concentrarse en realizar sus...

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